SMART Badges

tabletWithCard350The correct identification of delegates is a vital part of any event. Many events use paper badges showing only basic information about their guests; with our Smart Badges, each delegate receives an electronic badge which is personalised with their details.


Group Dynamics’ Smart Badges give event organisers a new level of control over what occurs at their events.


As with a traditional badge, a Smart Badge displays all the necessary information to identify a delegate. Logos, event details, images and names can easily be printed on the badge in full colour. Its big advantage is that each badge is fitted with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) circuit which allows encrypted information about a delegate to be stored on the card such as access or voting rights.


Through the use of our custom RFID scanning system and NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled Smart Devices, Smart Badges can be scanned at different points for different purposes. The badges work seamlessly with our Smart Devices, Smart Kiosks and Messenger Handsets enabling delegates to log in and view meeting content which can be customised for each person.


Attendance Management in Prague
Smart Badges have a wide range of uses when used with our devices, including:


  • Giving different delegates different voting rights – essential for AGMs
  • Self-service kiosks giving access to personalised event information such as schedules, table plans and event logistics
  • Tracking attendance patterns at workshops and seminars
  • Confirmation of bids during fundraising and auctions